In Illinois, How Are My Property Taxes Determined?

Did you know that Illinois residents pay the second-highest property taxes in the U.S.? According to a report brought to our attention by the Chicago Tribune, Illinois comes only behind New Jersey in terms of property taxes. Property taxes are collected by state and local governments, and go towards any number of essential functions, including providing funding for schools, infrastructure, public works projects, first responders, and more. But while they’re a fact of life, and part //READ MORE

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What Do Transfer Taxes Look Like In Chicago?

Most people, when they pay for something, realize that they’re not actually going to end up handing over the exact price listed on the label. That ice cream cone isn’t really 99 cents. That brand new couch isn’t really $1500. Your cell phone bill may be “locked in” at some affordable rate, but your actual monthly payment is going to end up looking quite a bit higher. Have you ever heard the term “sticker shock?” Merriam-Webster //READ MORE

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