When Can I Buy a House After Bankruptcy?

The “American Dream” of homeownership is alive and well. According to a recent report from consumer information site NerdWallet, about 75% of Americans say buying a home is “a priority.” Similarly, NerdWallet’s  reporting indicates that nearly a third of all Americans surveyed (32%) say that they are planning to buy a home within the next five years. Meanwhile, data from the Pew Research Center American Trends Panel suggests that 72% of American renters “want to buy //READ MORE

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Consumer Debts Vs. Non-Consumer Debts in Bankruptcy

According to recent reports, total consumer debt in the US has been rising in recent years, with total outstanding consumer debt totaling more than $4 trillion as of December 2018. This data comes to us via the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System. Now, why is this important? Well, in many ways, consumer debt is one of the engines that drives the American economy. As a result, market watchers and economists keep a close //READ MORE

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What Do I Need to Do After My Bankruptcy Case is Closed?

For many people, filing for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy is an effective way to get out from their burdensome debts, and move into the future on surer financial footing. However, it’s important to keep in mind that it may take some strategic thinking and smart actions to really make the most of this new start. What can filers do to move on after their bankruptcy has been finalized? Here are a few common steps //READ MORE

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Unpacking 7 Bankruptcy Myths and Misconceptions

There are countless myths and misconceptions out there about bankruptcy. Oftentimes, these myths are enough to dissuade people from considering bankruptcy as a course of action for financial relief – even if it may be the best path forward for their unique financial situation! So, what are some of the most common myths and misbeliefs out there about bankruptcy? Whether you heard them from a friends, a family member, or a TV infomercial, here are seven //READ MORE

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What Does It Take to Move on After Bankruptcy?

For many households, small business owners, and retirees who are facing serious consequences due to debt, bankruptcy can be a practical way to hit pause, and get a fresh start on your financial life. Bankruptcy can be a way for you to discharge certain debts and restructure others, making them less of a monthly burden and giving you a chance to regain your financial footing. And while bankruptcy can bring financial relief, there’s no denying that //READ MORE

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