10 Stunning Stats About Student Loan Debt

Student loan debt is one of the most talked-about issues of our time – and for good reason.  As total consumer debt continues to rise in the U.S., student loans ring in as one of the biggest sources of debt for households, alongside credit card debt, mortgages, and auto loans. In recent years, millions of Americans have cited student loan payments as one of the biggest factors holding them back from starting a family, buying a //READ MORE

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A Quick Guide to Bankruptcy Exemptions in Illinois

For many individuals struggling with debt, one of the biggest concerns about bankruptcy is all about losing the assets that they’ve worked so hard to acquire. There are a lot of myths and misconceptions out there about bankruptcy – and one of the oldest, biggest, and most damaging is that filing for bankruptcy will always mean having to give up all of your personal belongings and assets.  In reality? Many people who file for bankruptcy are //READ MORE

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In the News: Court Says City Can’t Hold Impounded Vehicles After Drivers File for Chapter 13

Here in Chicago, many people rely on their vehicles to get to work, pick up their kids from school, attend critical appointments, and so much more. Particularly for individuals who are in debt, having reliable access to transportation can often mean the difference between keeping a job, making payments to creditors, and getting the help they need – or having to face all the pressure of mounting debt without any sort of reliable safety net. In //READ MORE

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Breaking Down 4 FAQs About Foreclosure in Illinois

If you are struggling with debt or facing the possibility of foreclosure, you probably have a number of pressing questions.  The foreclosure process can be intimidating and confusing – and facing foreclosure can have serious long-term consequences on your lifestyle, your finances, and your well-being. Facing foreclosure could mean having to vacate your home, lose your accumulated equity, and experience damage to your credit that could have aftereffects lasting for years down the line.  //READ MORE

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Bankruptcy for Retirees: Five Things to Consider

Your golden years are meant to be the time when you sit back and relax. Yet, for millions of people across the country, growing older and entering retirement is cause for more financial stress, rather than less. In fact, a 2018 report found that bankruptcy rates were significantly on the rise among older adults. According to reporting from the Chicago Tribune, the rate of bankruptcy among Americans ages 65 and older tripled between 1991 and 2018. //READ MORE

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