In the News: Court Says City Can’t Hold Impounded Vehicles After Drivers File for Chapter 13

Here in Chicago, many people rely on their vehicles to get to work, pick up their kids from school, attend critical appointments, and so much more. Particularly for individuals who are in debt, having reliable access to transportation can often mean the difference between keeping a job, making payments to creditors, and getting the help they need – or having to face all the pressure of mounting debt without any sort of reliable safety net. In //READ MORE

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Property Development In Chicagoland

We’re in the middle of something of a property development boom in Chicago – and it’s inspiring more and more people to start pursuing their biggest real estate investment and development goals.  As the Chicago Tribune recently noted, our area is “almost a decade into a real estate development boom,” with 2019 poised to be the “year of the megadevelopment.” There are several enormous (and enormously talked about) development projects moving forward at the time of //READ MORE

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What Does a Title Company Do?

Title is one of the most important things to understand about real estate in Chicagoland and around the country – and it’s also one of the most commonly misunderstood concepts, as well.  To put it briefly, title is the broad term used to describe who has the legal ownership of, and thus the right to sell, a certain piece of property. Before, during, and even after the sale of a home, there are certain types of //READ MORE

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Talking About Debt: Three Ways to Start the Conversation

Debt is a fact of life for Americans. It’s incredibly common – and yet, it can be incredibly difficult to talk about, even with friends, family, and trusted advisors.  According to recent reports, the average US household owes about $135,768 in debt, with the average American reporting about $38,000 in personal debt, as of 2018. Americans accrue debt due to any number of reasons, with credit cards, mortgages, auto loans, and student loans serving as some //READ MORE

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Three Important Considerations About Purchasing Raw Land in Illinois

Were you a Lego kid? As any avid amateur builder will tell you, in order to perfect your brick castle, pirate ship, or Millennium Falcon, you needed a good foundation – a solid, empty patch of table or floor, where you could build what you wanted, free of obstacles and obstructions. Well, when building a new home or commercial space from the ground up, you’re dealing with similar principles – albeit on a much larger scale. //READ MORE

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