Three FAQs About Real Estate Litigation

Buying and owning a home or a commercial property is about so much more than land or walls. Real estate is about building wealth. It’s about investing in the future. It’s about making a home, launching a business, creating memories and experiences that will last a lifetime. As such, many people ultimately find that there may come a time when they need to resolve a dispute or settle a conflict in order to protect that future //READ MORE

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Unpacking 7 Bankruptcy Myths and Misconceptions

There are countless myths and misconceptions out there about bankruptcy. Oftentimes, these myths are enough to dissuade people from considering bankruptcy as a course of action for financial relief – even if it may be the best path forward for their unique financial situation! So, what are some of the most common myths and misbeliefs out there about bankruptcy? Whether you heard them from a friends, a family member, or a TV infomercial, here are seven //READ MORE

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The State of Consumer Debt in America, 2019

How does the old proverb go? Those who don’t study the past are doomed to repeat it? We’re about ten years out from the beginning of the global economic downturn now known as the Great Recession. This major recession impacted just about every facet of the American economy, and its effects are still being felt today in the housing, retail, and credit industries. In many ways, the economy has bounced back. But there are still warning //READ MORE

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What Does It Take to Move on After Bankruptcy?

For many households, small business owners, and retirees who are facing serious consequences due to debt, bankruptcy can be a practical way to hit pause, and get a fresh start on your financial life. Bankruptcy can be a way for you to discharge certain debts and restructure others, making them less of a monthly burden and giving you a chance to regain your financial footing. And while bankruptcy can bring financial relief, there’s no denying that //READ MORE

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For Sellers, What Happens at a Real Estate Closing?

Selling a home can be a bittersweet – and that makes finishing up the closing, the final step in the sales process, even more so! Of course, it’s all going to be different, for different sellers. In many cases, finally winding down contract negotiations and heading for that closing table is cause for celebration, since it means that you’re finally (home-)free. Once you’ve closed, you’ll have officially sold your house, freeing you up to move on //READ MORE

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