A Consumer’s Guide to FDCPA

We’re big movie fans here at Gunderson Law Firm. And one of the most exciting and important film genres in history? Well, that’s got to be film noir. If you’ve never seen a noir film, then you’ve got to try it out. If you have seen a noir, then you know exactly what makes this genre so pulpy, fun, and thrilling. You’ve got black and white pictures! Mysterious phone calls in the middle of the night! //READ MORE

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Dischargeable Vs. Non-Dischargeable Debts

There are many prevalent myths, misconceptions, and misunderstandings out there when it comes to bankruptcy. Many consumers have some long-held belief about the concept that really have no strong basis in reality, for better and for worse. For instance, some consumers have a tendency to see bankruptcy as a complex, frightening, borderline-disastrous option for debt relief, which should be avoided at all costs, if at all possible. Others, in contrast, have a rosier view. For some //READ MORE

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What Is a Bankruptcy Trustee?

Can you trust your bankruptcy trustee? As you consider bankruptcy as an option for relief from severe indebtedness, you’re bound to come across some terms and concepts that require a little bit of additional explanation. For many people, the role and purpose of the bankruptcy trustee is one such question mark. Who or what exactly is a bankruptcy trustee? How are they appointed, and what are their duties during the bankruptcy process? Do they work on //READ MORE

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Do I Have to Take a Means Test to Qualify for Bankruptcy?

If you’ve been looking into the prospect of filing for bankruptcy, then you’ve probably seen the phrase “means test” come up a few times. While it’s not necessarily as intimidating as it may initially sound, the means test for bankruptcy is an important concept to understand, particularly if you’re interested in pursuing Chapter 7 bankruptcy. In essence, the means test is designed to determine who can qualify to have many of their dischargeable debts forgiven through //READ MORE

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Can You Discharge Student Loan Debts In Bankruptcy?

Are your student loan debts dischargeable in bankruptcy? As with so many topics related to this important financial process, the answer isn’t necessarily always cut and dry. We hope you brought an apple and a number two pencil, because it’s time to get a little schooling on student loans and bankruptcy. The Growing Impact of Student Loan Debt in the US //READ MORE

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