Real Estate & Estate Planning: Are You Taking Steps to Protect Your Future?

For most of us, buying a home is going to be one of the biggest financial and personal decisions we ever make - and it’s going to have an impact on many aspects of our lives, for years down the line. When it comes to real estate, it’s always important to remember that the decisions you make in the here and now can have long-term implications for your future, particularly when it comes to important considerations //READ MORE

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What is the Residential Landlord and Tenant Ordinance, or RLTO?

In Chicago, there are apartments for every taste and budget, from sleek penthouses overlooking the city skyline to quaint walk-ups with charming built-ins and all the historical trimmings. And in most cases, all of these rental units are going to be governed by the same set of rules, the Residential Landlord and Tenant Ordinance, or RLTO. RLTO is a broad ordinance, and the primary source for tenants’ rights law in the City of Chicago. This exhaustive //READ MORE

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Purchasing a Condo in Chicago? Keep These 3 Things in Mind

Did you know that condominium buildings, as we know them today, really began flourishing in Chicago in the 1960s? As the Encyclopedia of Chicago explains, the Illinois Condominium Property Act authorized the construction of condos starting in 1963. This housing style – in which owners have exclusive ownership of an individual unit in a building, as well as common ownership of shared areas and amenities – quickly gained a lot of popularity for buyers and developers //READ MORE

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Do I Need an Attorney to Purchase or Develop Vacant Land?

For many people, the idea of owning land, and developing it from the ground up, has always been a prized goal – this goes for young families looking to build the home of their dreams, just as it does for developers looking to create the next great institution in their local neighborhood. Land ownership has always held a special, romantic place in our popular culture. Many see buying land as a springboard to grow one’s wealth, //READ MORE

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What Does ‘Zoning’ Really Mean?

Have you ever seen the old show The Twilight Zone? If you (somehow) haven’t, it was a ‘60s TV show, full of thrilling and chilling short stories, all conceived and narrated by the great Rod Serling, a chain smoking, tie-wearing enigma who would face the camera and calmly talk about some of the strangest things ever put on air. Well, in present day, there’s a different type of “zone” that can make you feel like you’ve //READ MORE

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