What Do Transfer Taxes Look Like In Chicago?

Most people, when they pay for something, realize that they’re not actually going to end up handing over the exact price listed on the label. That ice cream cone isn’t really 99 cents. That brand new couch isn’t really $1500. Your cell phone bill may be “locked in” at some affordable rate, but your actual monthly payment is going to end up looking quite a bit higher. Have you ever heard the term “sticker shock?” Merriam-Webster //READ MORE

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Why There’s More to Real Estate Law in Chicago Than You Might Think

Spend any amount of time Googling about Chicago real estate, and you’re bound to come across search results with headings like: “How to Buy a Home in Chicago!” or “XYZ Ways Buying In Chicago Is Different Than It Is Anywhere Else” or “Buying a Chicago Home, in 10 Easy Steps.” When you see articles like that pop up again and again, it tells you something: There’s a demand from people trying to understand just what it //READ MORE

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Tenancy by the Entirety, Tenancy in Common, and Joint Tenancy – Understanding the Difference

Joint tenancy. Tenants in common. Tenants by the entirety. You might have heard these terms get thrown around, but do you know what they really mean? Broadly speaking, all three refer to different ways that people co-own property. Each type of ownership offers different levels of protection from creditors, and different rights (such as rights of survivorship upon the passing of a co-owner). For many people, owning real estate is one of the most important financial //READ MORE

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What Should I Look for in a Real Estate Attorney?

For most of us, buying a home will be one of the biggest financial undertakings of our lives. And even for seasoned business owners, developers, and investors, it’s hard to deny that each new property deal comes with a unique thrill - and a fresh set of challenges waiting to be uncovered. When it comes to buying or selling real estate, surrounding yourself with the right team is an unbelievably important step of the process. Brokers, //READ MORE

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Some Stunning Stats You May Not Know About Bankruptcy

At the Gunderson Law Firm, our team spends a lot of time making connections with leaders in the fields of real estate, insurance, and finance. We also spend plenty of time getting to know not only our clients, but the many small business owners, individuals, and households who make up our Roscoe Village neighborhood, and the city of Chicago as a whole. And in all of this, there’s one thing that comes up again and again. //READ MORE

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