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In a movie, Chicagoland would have superheroes to keep residents and businesses safe from supervillains. But in the real world, our city’s people and the companies they build and run also need superior protection and legal representation in their day-to-day affairs, whether things are going great or…well…not so super. The Gunderson Law Firm is dedicated to providing our clients throughout the Chicago area with exceptional legal representation and services in the practice of Bankruptcy, Personal Injury, and Real Estate law — no capes required.

Even more, The Gunderson Law Firm is committed to providing the advocacy you need without the attitude you don’t. If you have found other lawyers to be more about their egos than about your case, talk to Gunderson. Our attorneys are not only highly knowledgeable and experienced, but very down-to-earth. No bull, just great representation and timely results. And what could be more super than that?

Our Practice Areas

Real Estate

Especially when real estate markets are active, an experienced, responsive real estate attorney can mean the difference between closing a deal and missing out. But the right attorney also makes sure you know what you are buying, what zoning laws will allow you to do with it, and what to do if the deal sours. Gunderson Law Firm handles residential and commercial purchase & sale agreements, mortgage conveyancing, property tax appeals, landlord/tenant disputes, pre-marketing planning consultations, litigation, and leases, including title examinations and advice on insurance and financing. Our clients include first-time home buyers, sellers, property management companies, real estate brokers, and others.

Personal Injury

There are many myths and misunderstandings about bankruptcy around, and even some purposeful misinformation. We can correct or clarify some of that for you here on our website, but since The Gunderson Law Firm provides free consultations, it may be better for you to call us for a confidential appointment to discuss your situation and have your specific questions answered directly. While bankruptcy is understandably often viewed as a last resort, bankruptcy laws actually offer individuals, couples, business owners, and corporations numerous ways to get financial relief and reorganization they need to get their credit and their lives back on track for a more productive future.


Every year in the U.S., over 9 million people are injured in Slip & Fall Accidents alone. Add to that all of those injured due to Bicycling Accidents, Workplace Accidents, Automobile Accidents, Nursing Home Abuse, Dog Bites, Medical Errors, Faulty Elevators, and more, it’s easy to see how essential it is for people who are harmed due to the negligence of others to have proven, committed legal representation looking out for them. The attorneys of The Gunderson Law Firm have your back, and anything else that may have been injured. In fact, because we recognize the financial hardship that personal injuries can cause, if you have a case, you also won’t pay us anything unless we win.

Michael has been a great asset to my business. He’s also been a great source of legal advice for both business and personal issues. His firm handles most needs and has a vast network for the areas they do not cover.

Tony, a Business client

About The Gunderson Law Firm

Founded in 2006 by Illinois native Michael J. Gunderson, The Gunderson Law Firm takes pride in representing our clients in several areas of the law, helping them take on life’s challenges at different times and in different aspects of their lives. From exploring and completing Real Estate transactions to protecting themselves and their families with Bankruptcy options or Personal Injury Claims & Settlements, Gunderson is a firm that stands behinds its friends, neighbors, and colleagues, both in complex legal issues and important community initiatives.

In fact, The Gunderson Law Firm is resolute in its support of the people, businesses, and cultural organizations in and around the great city we call “Chicagoland.” We are very active in Chicago area community organizations, from sponsoring youth football programs and supporting Chamber of Commerce events to leading a yearly drive to collect and distribute gifts to disadvantaged children at Christmas and Hanukkah in Chicago Public Schools.

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